3 Day Henna Workshop

This Summer!

Friday August 17th - Sunday August 19th 2018

10 am - 3 pm
Ages 10 & Up

West County Herb Company

3641 Main Street
Occidental, CA


(Registration Below)
$225.00 for 3 Day Workshop
(all supplies and goodies included)
**Payment Plans Available**
Henna Workshop

Join Bethany Gurrola, owner of Henna by B, in Sonoma for a 3 day intensive workshop for artists who are serious about improving their henna skill or really wanting to find passion in the ancient art of henna. During our 3 days together we will take a journey through history and learn where henna came from, how it started, the different traditions its helped create and how it has evolved. We will also go through and learn the steps to making your own natural and organic henna paste with my favorite recipe. We will learn to roll and fill henna cones and seal them properly so there is no mess when you're creating! Each day we will practice drills to help improve speed and accuracy with your designs, you will learn different styles and ways to make a design flow and we will also do a lot of drawing and practicing on each other. You will get to meet other artist who are passionate about similar things and hopefully find a new friend and take away a lot of wonderful knowledge.

About the Henna Workshop

This workshop will be very much about learning the skill of doing henna, but also connecting to eachother, yourselves, your strengths and what you are truly capable of. We will be starting and ending every day with an opening and closing circle, where we will share a little bit about ourselves and our journey to what brought us here today, our intentions for the workshop and what we took from the day. We will share stories and snacks and create beautiful henna!

Please know that this will be a safe place for you to share and be yoruself. You are in charge of what you get from the workshop. Each day we will have new topics and exercises that will help strengthen our henna abilities. Everyone will get drill sheets of different patterns, leaves, flowers and more to practice and copy until you get the hang of it. This workshop will be fun and down to earth as well as empowering and full of knowledge, so I encourage you to be open to what may unfold. Also know that it takes time to master any skill and also patience with yourself. I hope to inspire you to keep practicing and learning and growing in this art. I will be available to my students after our workshop through phone, text or email with any question that may come up.

 I am asking everyone to bring a special item to place on an alter and eventually share if you would like at our last opening circle. Either a picture or sculpture, a poem or song, anything that empowers you or is special to you that you might want to share.

What the Workshop Includes

You will get a bag with goodies with all supplies you will need to particiapte in all the activities throughout the 3 day workshop. Which will include premixed & measured henna powder and sugar,  essential oil, 3 cones, flash tattoos and more awesome treats! 

On our last day, I would love to invite any parents, friends or relatives to come a little early before 3, for a Potluck and henna from your budding henna artists!

Things you will need:


-Water Bottle


-Lunch for day 1 & 2 (fresh organic snacks and refreshments will be provided. Potluck on day 3)


-Anything you need for the day to be your best self and be most comfortable 

(medication,change of clothes, good luck charm, etc.)


-An open      and mind


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